Sunday, December 23, 2012

Go-Busters/Kyouryuger leaks magazine pics

The new team, Kyouryuger, along with Red's JyuDenRyu, GabuTyra.

Each Kyouryuger's personal JyuDenChi (Beast Batteries), which when inserted into the GabuRevolver, allows them to transform. The henshin call is Kyouryu Change Fire!

In the film, the 5-robo team of Go-BusterAce, Go-BusterRaiOh, BusterHeracles, GokaiOh and Gojyuujin will use the Phantom Keys (possibly turned into the Buddyroid keys) to transform into past Sentai Robos. While it's not confirmed who becomes who, certain factors can let you guess which robo forms might belong to who. (RyuuSeiOh is likely Go-BusterAce, MagiKing is likely BusterHeracles, DaiZyuJin is likely GouJyuJin, etc.)

The BuddyRoid Keys, along with the Megazord Omega.

In the VS film, the Kyouryuger show up to help against the Zangyack!

The 13th MessiahCard seems to have been save for Hiromu. What will happen to RedBuster?!

Enter wants to evolve into Messiah. His plans involve resurrecting Escape, and creating the KuwagataRoid, the first Organic Metaroid.
An episode list for the January episodes:
Mission 45 (1/6/2013)- Kinga Shinnen! Chisana Kyouteki (Happy New Year! A Small-Formiddable Enemy Reappears.)

Mission 46 (1/13/2013)- Aratana Yuukou to Netsubousou! (A new Fusion and Overheating!)

Mission 47 (1/20/2013- Risetto to Bakkuappu (Reset and Backup)

Mission 48 (1/27/2013)- Title Unknown

Kiba no Yuusha, (Fang Hero) KyouryuRed:
A warrior who has aclose connection to his JyuDenRyu, GabuTyra. The center of the 5, he always heads straight for the attacking enemy!

Dangan no Yuusha, (Bullet Hero) KyouryuBlack:
What type of Dinosaur Power is hiding within this dark hero? Why is he called the Bullet Hero?

Yoroi no Yuusha (Armor Hero) KyouryuBlue:
A super-powered warrior, but is he the fighting type?

Zangeki no Yuusha (Slashing Hero) KyoryuGreen:
What weapons does this Green hero specialize in to be called the "Slashing Hero"?

Tsuno no Yuusha (Horn Hero) KyouryuPink:
The only female warrior on the team is this Pink hero. With her pose a raised foot, is it possible that she is adept at kicking attacks?

Kyouryuger premiers on February 17th, 2013!

Kyouryujin, our main gattai robo in all it's glory, along with the Kyouryuger arsenal (their belt buckle/phone, GabuRevolver, GabuRecaliber, and GaburuCannon!). The minions of the villains are also shown. They seem to be called Zouri, and are modeled after Amoeba (like the Bamiahe were in Abaranger.)

A shot explaining how Go-BusterKing was not enough to fight Messiah Reboot, so the Busters used Buster Beet to launch Go-BusterRaiOh at him, allowing for them to zero in on his core and destroy him.
Enter, Escape and Enter's new Organic Metaroid, KuwagataRoid. J doesn't seem to be fighting him at all....making one wonder if J is sitting this one out because he would consider the bot "a friend."
The OmochiRoid (Rice Cake Roid) will serve as the enemy in the New Year's episode. The OmochiRoid is noted as looking suspiciously like the KesugomuRoid (EraserRoid) which the rangers' previously beat. As is usual, the New Year's ep is going to be a fun one, before things go to hell in the remaining episodes of the show. It's been a fun year, and it's winding down. But not to fret...cause Dinosaurs make me happy.

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