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Sentai Leaks/Catalogs from the past

This post will strive to maintain a record of all Sentai leaks and catalogs of past years. I shall provide some color commentary as well based on what I remember. Thanks to Sungel for the majority of these images. ShinkenOh image found by EdisonCaine.


Our first image of the Hurricanger came from the TerebiKun preview of the show.


Our first image of the 2003 Sentai team was leaked by unknown sources around November of 2002. Initial rumors actually had a mosasaur as part of the team, but this ended up being a mistake by someone guessing off of AbaRed’s helmet.

2nd Quarter Catalog pick of AbareBlack’s DinoThruster. 

3rd Quarter Catalog pic of Carnoryutas, Chasmoshieldon, and their combo, BakurenOh. 

 3rd Quarter Catalog pic of AbareKiller’s DinoMinder. At the time of the catalog, the rumor was that Killer was going to be a female, in particular, that it would be Jeanne.

 3rd Quarter Catalog pic of the BakuLaser.


The first leak of Dekaranger came to us in a similar fashion as did Abaranger’s. This time, it came from the owner of the Japan Hero website, a fan site back in the day owned by one Jeff Couto, who had an anonymous source send this to him. The original was black and white but someone was able to correctly color it; forget who.

Dekaranger had a lot of leaks directly from the PLEX office. This was similar to leaks we had in both Hurricanger and Magiranger. Here we got a 360 view of the BreaThrottle. If memory serves, this image in particular got the leaker fired from PLEX, for obvious reasons.

Cover of the 1st Toy Catalog for Deka. Believe it or not, our first image for Dekaranger outside of the leak was a pic of DekaRed in one of the magazines.

Pic of DekaBreak from what I believe was the 3rd Quarter Toy Catalog. Pretty sure we had pics of him and DekaBike along with the leaked image of the BreaThrottle.


Our first leaked image of Magiranger came as a set with what was then known as “Ongeki Rider Hibiki”. The art for Magiranger has slightly more ornate markings than what shows up on the physical suits, though I think the lines are still there.

1st Quarter Toy Catalog image of the robots. Magiranger is one of the only times we had 2 robots shown off in the first quarter.

Art of MagiKing and MagiPhoenix from the 1st Quarter Catalog.

Art of the MagiPhone and MagiStick from the 1st Quarter Catalog.

Info page or possibly the cover from the 3rd Quarter Catalog. MagiShine really baffled people when he was revealed, what with his train and Smokey and magic carpet and lamp.

3rd Quarter Catalog pics of the Grip Phone and Travelion. Magiranger experimented with having a core change gimmick, and while all robots were capable, this only really happened in the show with Barikion.

Before the 4th quarter catalog was posted, we got a set of serious leaks from Magiranger. This showed us our first look at Legend Modes and weaponry, WolzaPhone and a completely different MagiLegend design that was black and gold with a gryphon mode. (Would love to track down this image.) The WolzaPhone made us all think Wolzard would gain a ranger form, and while that ended up kind of being true, it was not involved. 


I forgot what our actual first image of Boukenger was- might have been a leaked press photo. In any case, the 1st toy catalog above was our first real look at everything. 

BoukenSilver got kind of leaked out prior to the 3rd quarter catalog. Source unknown but it looks like something Gashapon-esque.

Part of the 3rd quarter catalog; this introduced us to the Silver arsenal as well as some other things.

2006 Gekiranger Leaks by Date in Japan:
9/09 Nishijima Michi (Emiri from Abaranger) posts on her blog that Tsukada is producing
10/07 A leak appears on 5ch that "Team is Red/Blue/Yellow, yellow is a girl, motif is Chinese martial arts."
10/17 A leak appears on 5ch stating that "Next Year is Gekiranger!"
10/21 A leak appears on 5ch stating that "Motif is animals, core team of 3."
10/29 A leak appears on 5ch stating that "Red is currently learning how to use nunchucks", "Design has a Chinese influence, and Red's actor's surname is Suzuki."
10/30 Leaks appear on 5ch stating "There is foolishly no belt", "The actor for blue is probably Manpei-kun", "Actors from D-Boys, Suzuki is Red, Araki is the villain."
10/31 From a blog of a certain idol who is friends with Araki, it is stated that "He and Suzuki are working on a new show together." From a toy flier, the color lineup is confirmed as well as confirming that the "henshin device is worn on both arms." Toei trademarks "JyuKen Sentai Gekiranger."
11/04 Once again from Araki's friend, it is revealed that "Hirata, an idol, will take part somehow in the show."
11/27 Leak appears on 5ch that states "Tiger is Red."
12/06 Leak appears on 5ch that states "Yellow is a leopard and a girl." (The kanji for leopard is used in the kanji for Cheetah.)
12/07 Leak appears on 5ch detailing the suits, and also that "the giant robo is GekiTouja."

Our first real leaks of Geki didn’t come until right before Catalog release, where we got a sketch of GekiRed.

2007 Go-Onger Leaks by Date in Japan:
10/17 The name "Go-Onger" leaks on 5chan
10/27 "Enjin Sentai Go-Onger" is trademarked by Toei, and subsequently, the name shows up on Mamastar. 
11/04 Leaks appear on 5ch stating that "The team starts with 3, they have wrists on their tires, other team members have gears."
11/06 Leaks appear on 5ch stating that "Green has a bike, Red/Blue/Yellow + Green/Black" and "Eyeballs! EYEBAAAAALLLS!!"
11/09 Trademark is officially found, it's leaked on 5ch that "Oikawa Nao will play a villain."
11/13 Leak appears on 5ch stating that "They will live in a Camping Car."
11/18 Sausage-san details the robot, explaining it's like a totem pole, eventually leaking a picture of what would end up being EnjinOh, but at the time, it was called "Go-OnGa". 
11/23 Leaks appears; "Furuhara Yasuhisa and Kataoka Shinwa have been cast?"
11/24 Leaks detailing the suits appear
11/30 A hand-drawn picture of the suits appears
12/06 Leak appears detailing the toy list- "Enjin, EnjinOh, 2nd Robo, Enjin Soul, Go-Phone, MantanGun, Personal Weapons, Gattai Bazooka". "Yellow is the only girl." "Producer is Hikasa, Pilot is being handled by Watanabe." A picture of Red's helmet leaks out.
12/07 The first quarter catalog leaks on 5ch's toy thread, and reveals all of that including the logo. 

12/08 "Enemy is Bankizoku Gaiark" leaks on 5ch
12/26 Through varius articles, the ranger role calls and info is revealed. The Ugatsu are revealed.
12/27 Actor names are revealed; Toei and TV-Asahi websites go up
12/28 Toei Hero Net reveals the staff
12/30 Actors and etc. are revealed during a Shin Chan Special episode
1/19 At the premier show, the Ginjiro-go is revealed, Bomper is revealed, villain information is confirmed

2008 Shinkenger Leaks By Date in Japan:
August emOW8 (Sausage-san) drops hints that the team has to do with the "planets" and the letter y. (While we thought this meant a space season, it turned out the planets hinted at the elemental kanji, and the y hinted at the kimono design.)
9/03 5ch poster emOW8 (Sausage-san) leaks that "suits are simple, gender ratio is standard."
9/04 Toei registers the trademark for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
9/09 Same 5ch poster posts hints as follows: "Origami Helmet? Japanese Fan? Mt. Fuji? Rising Sun?"
9/16 Same poster posts hints as follows: "Mark on the left breast, symbol on the belt buckle, heart of Japan"
9/30 Same poster posts bits and pieces of the masks and suits. 

( Before this point people thought Yellow was a male and thought blue would be evil. Second part ended up coming true, but just for an episode.)
10/12 Same poster posts that the robot "once again has animal faces affixed to it, and that the look is of a lordly/pretentious armor."
10/28 Same poster details the core robot
10/29 Same poster details that "the henshin device is a cell phone that can be unfolded in the middle and use as a writing brush", "Every member's personal weapons is emblazoned with their own symbol", "While the mecha have a basic design the symbols of Fire, Water, Tree, Soil and Heaven appear largely on them."
10/31 Same poster leaks that "Blue is a Dragon, Red is probably a lion, Green looks to be a bear, and that he can't tell what Yellow and Pink are."
11/05 Same poster leaks picture of henshin device:
11/08 Two sets of kanji "和佐野 篠原" are written by the poster
11/10 Same poster leaks pictures of Blue and Green's personal weapons
11/19 Same poster leaks full picture of the team and the 1st robo:

11/20 Same poster refers to the robot as "OrigamiRobo", so this was its working name. 
11/24 Same poster leaks that the series writer is Kobayashi; Red is a lord and head of his family
12/05 Catalog pics begin to leak, including ShinkenOh and the ShodouPhone
12/06 Another uses leaks that "the other 4 are vassals to Red, there are assistants called Kuroko, and the enemies are Youkai", other mecha not already mentioned include a Turtle, Monkey, Rhino Beetle, Swordfish and White Tiger." The latter 3 can unite into a bird mecha. 
12/09 The rest of the 1st quarter catalog leaks revealing the logo, Origami, ShinkenMaru and Hiden Disks
12/11 Another uses writes the hints "Shuriken and Japanese Fan."
12/12 A hint about one of the actresses drops, "Idoling 11" and "Railway Girl"
12/17 A poster leaks that Aiba Hiroki is Blue
12/21 At a concert invent, opening and ending is revealed, lyrics contain a lot of four word kanji
12/27 Tv-Asahi site opens, flier detailing the cast goes out
12/28 Better picture of the flier appears
1/03 Kanji hints "福沢 押川 竹内 橋口 人見" are posted
1/27 Em leaks Ibuki Goro's character, the setting involves the relationship between Hikoma and the 5 rangers, Gedoushuu details, Mojikara, how the ShodouPhone works, as well as some more pictures
1/29 Staff and narrator information is revealed

(Sausage-San ended up getting fired post Shinkenger, likely for leaking too much. This caused some fake leakers to copy his style for Goseiger “leaks.”)
2009 Goseiger Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
8/19 zQacw posts on 5ch that "next year seems to be a card motif."
9/12 Toei registers trademark for "Tensou Sentai Goseiger." Hints including "Cards are the henshin item", "Sounds and lights are unlocked in large items" are written on 5ch
9/24 Leaks appear on 5ch including "Black has a snake motif", "There are two females", "Helmets have mouthpieces."
11/09 On Hamao Kyosuke's blog, a supsicious post appears about him securing a "long term gig."
11/15 Info and silhouettes are revealed from a Narakiri Item catalog- "5 rangers, 3 males and 2 females. Red is Dragon, Blue is a shark, Black is a snake, Yellow is a tiger, Pink is a phoenix. The rangers are called "angels" but are beings from another dimension. The team uses various cards to summon super-human abilities. The team came to Earth to train, but at that time, their enemy attacked." Satou Rika posts on her blog that her current job has given her muscle exhaustion.
11/24 More info leaks- "The rangers are guardian angels of Earth, divided by attributes. Red and Pink are sky, Black and Yellow are earth, Blue is water." All the character's names are written in katakana, and they have no last names. Black and Yellow are siblings. 
11/26 xaP6 posts staff info on 5ch, as well as that the Goseiger will appear in Shinkenger VS Go-Onger
11/30 Cast info starts to leak, as well as the following leak being posted "The villains are both alien invaders and beings that have existed on Earth since ancient times."
12/03 "Satou and Hamao appear", "3 men and 2 women" are written on 5ch. A flier appears showing the suits and logo, as well as information on the arsenal and mecha. It is confirmed that black and yellow are siblings, and red and pink are childhood friends. 
12/07 1st Quarter Catalog leaks


12/08 It's leaked that Ono Kento has a new job
12/09 Info on the villains, weapons and Headder Brothers is leaked
12/10 An interesting URL leaks
12/13 The identities of the core 5 cast are deduced
12/14 Satou Rika posts a dressing room picture that is the same area as Matsutaka Toori's dressing room
12/17 Picture leaks of the villain combatant's masks
12/25 The name "BiiBi" is revealed
12/26 Tv-Asahi site goes live
1/16 On the Hige Danshaku radio show, Yamada reveals he will be playing a professor on tv show
1/29 5ch poster ELM2 posts staff info, OP and ED info, and summaries for Epics 1-3
2/4 2nd quarter catalog leaks

 3rd Quarter:

4th Quarter:


2010 Gokaiger Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
8/12 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "Kaizoku Sentai. Figures are inserted into the belt and transformation into legendary sentai is possible. In the first two episodes every single sentai appears.
8/26 Toei trademarks Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
8/28 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "New Sentai is a celebration season like Decade. As much as possible, it seems that they will try and get every red sentai actor back."
9/14 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "Suit design is an orthodox visor mask. On the forehead is a crossbone vanguard pirate-type mark. The robo is orthodox. The 5 Goranger figures are held inside a case like Hoipoi Capsules from Dragon Ball.
9/15 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "Henshin Device is a cell phone. At the time of henshin, the upper part opens up, transforming into a sword emblem
10/13 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "The five heroes who transfrom are aliens; they seems very amusing."
11/03 Leak appears on 5ch as follows; "Transformation into past Sentai. Men and women can turn into male and female soldiers alike; skirts are added and adjustments are made for this. Red's mecha is a pirate ship. As for the robo, does it also has past sentai modes? ShinkenOh Mode confirmed. The robo has a hat, and is armed with a cannon."
11/09 Leak appears on 5ch in another thread, from user 2GlrOgxsJO as follows; "An invasion from a galactic empire. AkaRed leads the legendary Sentai against them and they all loose their powers. Time passes, and the galactic empire resumes their invasion plans. The Ranger Keys guide the Gokaiger to Earth, led by Captain Marvelous. Their purpose there is treasure hunting. Their henshin device is the Mobirates. Their standard weapons are a saber and a gun."
12/03 A person who attend the Bandai meeting posts the following info on Mixi; "They can transform one level further into past super sentai. A ship, a jet, a car, a submarine and a tractor trailer combine, this year's merchandising is diverse."At some time around this date, the suits leak via an information page for advertisers
12/05 Toy listings leak on 5ch toy thread; "Mobirates, GokaiOh, MagiDragon, PatStriker, GaoLion, GokaiGun, GokaiSaber, GokaiBuckle, Ranger Key Sets"
12/07 Pictures of the GokaiMachines, GokaiOh, MagiGokaiOh, DekaGokaiOh, GaoGokaiOh leak from the toy catalog
12/08 Pictures of the Mobirates, GokaiBuckle, RangerKeys, GokaiSaber and GokaiGun leak from the toy catalog

12/17 Leak appears on 5ch by zQacw/7 that the "Main Writer is Arakawa". A new image reveals the "Enemy is Zangyack."

12/20 The Gokaiger cast leaks on 5ch. Koike's blog has a picture with both Nao Nagasawa and Suzuka Morita in a makeup room. 

12/21 Both Ryota and Mao's blogs have similar pictures posted of the sky

12/26 Character names for the Gokaiger are revealed in a trailer played after Goseiger. AkaRed is amazingly the narrator; producer is revealed, and TV-Asahi site opens.


1/06 zq posts on 5ch after seeing Gosei VS Shinken; "Using the RangerKeys, the team's symbol appears and Double Transformation is performed."

1/09 Picture of all the sentai teams teaming up appears

1/11 zq leaks producer info

1/13 zq leaks the voice for the Mobirates 

1/22 Pictures of the main Zangyack appear

1/25 Leaks appear on 5ch; one revealing the opening singer. The other is hints about Silver, as follows; "How about a two-tone color of gold and silver?" "Right is gold, left is silver right?"

1/29 Staff, Narrator, Suit Actors, Navi's voice actor and OP/ED information revealed

2/03 2nd Quarter Catalog info leaks, including that GokaiSilver has a Complete Form like power up. Following that, images leak of the 2nd quarter. 




2011 Go-Busters Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
9/15 Audition information leaks out that "There is no Pink"
9/29 Toei trademarks Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. (Non-Japanese fans, including yours truly, think the motif is ghosts, for obvious reasons.)
10/09 Leaker posts on 5ch that "The Go-Busters are Red, Blue and Yellow and will appear in Gokaiger VS Gavan. Although there are 3 core rangers to start, there also seem to be "partners" for each one, and it may be similar to Den-O in execution. Takebe as Producer and Kobayashi as writer is noted. 
11/15 Hints are posted on 5ch; "Red, Blue, Yellow, Partner robos for each, making for a team of 6. Theme is Spies." "22 year old Junon Boy."
11/17 Hint on 5ch is posted "Cheetah Robo"
11/19 The animal motifs of the rangers are posted as Red=Cheetah, Blue=Gorilla and Yellow=Rabbit. The helmets are described as having animal faces in the forehead, with sunglasses, and looking kind of like GokaiSilver. The suits overall look very Metal Hero-esque, and the idea of the partners being there is mentioned again. Red and Blue's partners are suited characters; Yellow's is tiny and a puppet kind of like Bonpaa from Go-Onger. Red's partner can transform into a bike for him to ride. 
11/27 The hints "Chida Nikku", "Gorisaki Banana", and "Usada Lettuce" are dropped on 5ch
11/28 Hints regarding character names and actors are dropped on 5ch
12/01 1st Quarter Catalog Leaks

12/03 The remainder of the above toy catalog drops. OP/ED Info is posted

12/04 "The enemy is Jinnai" is posted as a hint on 5ch

12/15 5ch user kq/p49tw0 drops pictures they took from a filming, showing Yellow in her non-ranger clothes. 

12/19 The Asahi Shinbun Evening Addition writes that Takebe P is in charge of a new show, and doing costume fittings

12/22 Magazine images leak showing better shots of the suits, confirming the villain name as "Vagrass". They also confirm the Go-Busters are part of a fight scene with Basco in Gokai VS Gavan.

 12/27  Toei opens their site; Enetron, Let's Morphin! is described. Blue as an older sibling type character and the BuddyRoids' personalities are described. 

12/28 Suit actors are confirmed

12/29 Jinnai's participation is confirmed; giant battles unlike anything seen before are teased


1/01 Premier show flier officially reveals the actors for the main 3, and Enter

1/02 Nishihara Fuka is confirmed to play an "operator" on the show

1/10 Usada's voice actor is confirmed

1/24 The commander's actor is confirmed

1/27 Tooru, Metaroid and Megazords are revealed

1/28 Columbia JP reveals OP/ED information, a tabloid reveals the actress playing Red's sister

1/29 Tooru's actor confirmed

2/02 It is leaked on 5ch by M4 that the extra rangers are StagBuster and BeetBuster, colored silver and gold

2/04 2nd quarter catalog leaks

2nd Quarter Catalog:


Go-Busters 3rd Quarter Catalog:



Go-Busters 4th Quarter Toy Catalog:

2012 Kyoryuger Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
9/06 ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger is trademarked by Toei
11/10 5ch poster claims that the name of the main character is Kiryuu Daito. (The rest of the post is nonsensical wild guessing, but this is a little too close of a guess.)
11/25 5ch poster zQacw/7 writes some hints including "The design of the ranger suits does not differ too heavily from older dinosaur sentai", "The team colors are a new grouping, never in Sentai before", "One of the rangers is an older character."
11/30 zQ suggests the pilot may be directed by Koichi
12/02 zQ confirms the pilot is directed by Koichi, and written by Sanjo
12/06 Attendees of the toy meeting remark that the "sound effects are samba-like", "the team is 5 people, but the main robot is 3 pieces, with a core mecha and a mecha as each arm". 5ch poster FlqyFr3nB posts that the team colors are "Red, Black, Green, Blue, Pink", "Pink is the only girl", ZyuDenChi". Soon after, pictures of the logo and suits leak.5ch poster M4ApJwbK posts toy list info including "GabuRevolver", "Gaburincho", "Gabutyra, Stegocchi, Drikera", "Kamitsuki Gattai Kyoryujin"(which has a sound gimmick.). A blog post from Ryuusei Ryou (dated on 12/04) says he has started filming for a new role.
12/07 A poster on 5ch's toy thread posts "Vamola!"
12/08 Toy Catalog Leaks from American sites

12/11 List of staff members appears on 5ch
12/12 zQ drops hints including "Saito Syuusuke", "Villains are non-mechanical", "The setting is not limited to Japanese people"
12/13 A non-Japanese site claims Saito Syuusuke is playing KyoryuBlack, Ian 
12/16 zQ writes that the minions are "seaweed like, with purple hair and white bodies"
12/17 Patron of a restaurant tweets out that Sentai is filming at said restaurant 
12/22 A portion of an image is posted with the words "Yoroi no Yuusha"
12/24 Magazines images leak and show the team catchphrase, reveal Blue having a fro, the Zorima, and that pink has long hair and is of the noble lady character type
12/26 Hyper Hobby and the Sports Day article reveal staff info and cast info, including villains
12/27 Tv-Asahi site launches
12/29 Ryuusei Ryou is officially revealed on an offical site
12/30 zQ posts that "Ian's friend gets killed in Europe"
12/31 OP/ED info gets posted
1/01 Flier for the premier event confirms all 5 ranger cast members
1/09 zQ details the Kyoryuger cameo in GoBusters VS Gokaiger
1/19 Playbill from GoBusters VS Gokaiger details the 5 rangers' personalities and has interviews with the cast
1/24 Villain names are dropped, as well as the hints"Kenshin Torin", "Red is called King"
1/26 Premier Show and official cast debut. All of the supporting cast are revealed, and more OP/ED info is posted.  
1/27 Torin, Deboss, and ZyuDenChi pics go up on the Toei site, as well as the voice actors for Deboss
1/28 It's revealed that Black is a researcher of ancient civilizations 
1/30 Magazine leaks; confirmation of titles for eps 1-2, staff and main 5 suit actors
2/01 2nd Quarter Catalog leaks, Torin and Villain suit actors revealed

2nd Quarter Catalog:

Kyoryuger Quarter 3 Catalog:

Kyoryuger Quarter 4 Catalog:

2013 ToQGer Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
9/26 Ressha Sentai ToQGer is trademarked by Toei
11/05 Gashapon flier shows the core team is 5 members 
11/13 Shison Jun posts that he went to a first meeting/rehearsal for his new role 
11/30 Riria uploads a picture on her twitter of a costume fitting. (On 12/15 it’s confirmed that it’s at Toei.)
12/01 Leaker writes that the rangers are named colors, but ToQ1Go, 2Go, etc. 
12/02 Tokyo Sports releases an article mentioning the above number names, as well as mentioning that the rangers ride on their robot using tickets; the show will try and aim at train otaku; etc. 
12/04 Leaks appear writing that “Numbers 1-5 written on forehead”, “Train tracks across the chest”, and “Suits lack any animal designs”. 5ch poster FIqyFr3nB also posts that in summation the suits “have railroad tracks stuck to them.”
12/05 Catalog info leaks; “Rainbow Line” “Shadow” “ToQChanger” (Changer listed along side trains red-through pink, Scope, Energy, Shield, Car Carrier and Tank), “ToQBuckle and RainbowPass”, “ToQBlaster” (Uchimasu/Kirimasu modes), “RenketsuBazooka” (RailSlasher through TunnelAxe), “ToQOh” (FumikiriKen). 
12/06 Quarter 1 Catalog Leaks: (Logo and everything revealed)

12/13 Riria posts on twitter that her new job just filmed its first day 
12/17 A Facebook user posts pictures of filming; Blue and Green’s actors are confirmed, as well as it being confirmed that Blue wears glasses 
12/26 TV-Asahi site goes live. Staff is revealed. 
12/30 Columbia site goes up and posts the OP/ED info 
1/01 A blog posts info from the premier event, including the actors and character names 
1/05 Trailer airs after Kyoryuger 
1/18 The core 5 are detailed lightly in the playbill doe Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters. “Imagination” is revealed as a theme. 
1/23 It’s revealed the 5 are childhood friends; Wagon and Conductor revealed, finishing move for the RenketsuBazooka revealed, villains revealed 
01/24 Columbia releases samples for OP/ED
01/25 Images revealed of the villains, Wagon, Ticket. Amnesia plot line for the 5 revealed. 
01/26 Supporting actors and voice actors revealed 
02/03 Suit actors revealed 
02/06 2nd quarter toy catalog leaks:



3rd Quarter Catalog Leaks:

ToQGer Quarter 4 Catalog:

2014 Ninninger Leaks/Info by Date in Japan:
10/23 Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is trademarked by Toei
10/25 Rumors appear that Tenimiyu actor Hideya Tawada is involved in the show due to his scheduling
10/27 5ch Poster zQacw/7nsed confirms the production team of Takebe and Wakabayashi 
11/12 Gashapon flier shows the core team is a 5 man group
11/25 The word “Otomo” is posted on 5ch with no explanation 
12/01 Hints are posted in kanji included “Color + Ninja”, “Katana”, “Shuriken”, “Otomo”, “Ryuu” and “Shurikenjin.”
12/02 Image of the 5 suits leaks, including the logo 
12/04 Catalog info drops- Rangers revealed as Aka-Momoninger, “Ninja Ichibanto”,  “GamaGama Juu”, “NinNinBuckle”, “Shurikenjin”, “Otomin ShinobiMaru, DragoMaru, DumpMaru, WanMaru, ByuunMaru, PaonMaru, UFOMaru). 
12/05 poster claims Screenwriter is Shimoyama, the Rangers’ surnames are names of great ninja families; Momoji, Katou, etc. 
12/07 Images of Shurikenjin, PaonMaru and UFOMaru leak from the catalog
12/07 Leaker reveals that a big Toei Tokusatsu actor (not a henshin hero) is supposed to appear. Cast members include Yano Yuuka, Nishikawa Shunsuke and Yamaya Kasumi.
12/08 Hint “Sasano” is written regarding a cast member
12/09 Ninja Ichibantou image leaks from catalog 
1st Quarter Catalog Leaks:
12/09 Yamaya Kasumi posts an image on twitter of a Toei dressing room 
12/10 Leaker claims Matsumoto Gaku is part of the cast 
12/11 Leaker claims Nakamura Kato is part of the cast 
12/22 Magazine leaks appear, and we learn names and character types for the Rangers, including that red and white are siblings. Red’s name is mistaken as “Appare”,given his title. 
12/26 TV-Asahi site goes live 
12/26 The usual Boxing Day article goes out confirming all 5 ranger names; Yashiba Toshihiro is confirmed as the actor for Tsumuji, Red/White’s father; Sasano Takashi is confirmed to play Yoshitaka; the other rangers are confirmed to be cousins 
12/27 Amazon JP posts listing for the OP/ED CD
12/28 A commercial for the premiere event airs during ToQGer; reveals Tareki Tsutomu as narrator
1/17 ToQGer VS Kyoryuger premiers. In the playbill, it’s revealed that in Ninninger “Youkai revive and are led by evil warring states era like generals”; “Blue is from a England and studies magic”; “Yellow is a trade certification nerd.” 
1/24 From official announcements, we learn the villains are know as the “KibaOni Gundan.” Gengetsu, Kyueemon, Raizou, the Hitokarage are all revealed. Designer and voice actors are revealed. 
2/04 Leaks from the 2nd catalog reveal the info of BisonKing, RodeoMaru, KingShurikenjin, StarBurger, Starninger, StarSwordGun and SurferMaru
2/07 2nd quarter catalog images leak and show off above merch 

2nd Quarter Catalog Leaks:


3rd Quarter Toy Catalog leaks:

4th Quarter Toy Catalog leaks:


Zyuohger Catalog 1:


Zyuohger Catalog 2:

3rd Quarter Toy Catalog:

4th Quarter Toy Catalog:


Kyuranger Quarter 1 Catalog:

Kyuranger Quarter 2 Catalog:

Kyuranger Quarter 3 Catalog:

 Kyuranger 4th Quarter Catalog: